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Tristan and Isolde


Tristan and Isolde is a retelling of the legendary romance using the ACK game engine.

Written in DOS by Chris Hopkins, and now played on an emulator, ACK was first created in the early 90s and used to design tile-based RPGs like Ultima IV and V. Despite being developed in the US, many of these games were given medieval fantasy settings that were inspired by British and European legends. (Richard Garriott the original game designer, for example, took the nom de plume of 'Lord British'). Tristan and Isolde is therefore partly an attempt return the genre to its origins.

It is also an investigation of the ways in which technology affects our experience of space and time. In a playful recognition of this Tristan is able to visit Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (situated in the game to the North East of the game map).

Being set in the Celtic Kingdoms of Cornwall, Ireland and Brittany, Tristan and Isolde is also reminder of a time when the known world was smaller and had a different configuration.

Whilst the music is borrowed from Ultima III and IV, Tristan and Isolde uses graphics and programming made over a period of months especially for it. 






At the moment 'Tristan and Isolde' game can only be played on PC, and is available as a free download from a number of sites on the internet, as well as by clicking the link below.

Tristan and Isolde 8.6mb