Rupert White

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1966 Born, Gillingham, Kent
1984 Art History, British Institute, Florence, Italy
1985 MB;BS (Medicine) University College London
1988 BSc, Neuroanatomy, University College London
1997 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art         




1989 London Film-makers Co-op, Camden, London       
1990 'BP EXPO Young Directors', Riverside Studios, London  
1993 'Illustrations to an Unwritten Book' St Ives Public Library, St Ives, Cornwall                                                               
  Penwith Society, St Ives
1994 Newlyn Orion Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall                                                     
  Penwith Society, St Ives
1995 'Words and Pictures', Serpentine Gallery Bookshop,  London
  FAT Public Art Project, Venice Biennale, Italy
  'A Seat of Learning', Cornwall Museum Galleries, Truro
1996 'Mobile', SLAP, The Island Centre, St Ives                                                                         
  'Departure', Questioning Office of Art, New Millennium Gallery, St Ives 
1997  Chelsea MA shows
2003 'Videologue', Art Surgery, Live platform, Newlyn Gallery
  Mixed show, Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives
2004 'Girls v Boys', Hengrove Art Space, Bristol                                                     
  Mixed show, Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives
2005 'Panorama', Vitreous Contemporary Art, Truro               
  Transition 6, Newlyn Gallery       
  Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives
  Christmas Show, Lemon Street Gallery, Truro


2006 'This then this then this' The Schoolhouse, Morvah, St Ives curator
  Solo show, The Salt Gallery, Hayle, Cornwall
  Mixed Show, Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives
'The Waiting Project', various locations, Cornwall webprojects curator
  'Santa's Secret Tombola', Redruth


2007 Mixed show, The Salt Gallery, Hayle, Cornwall
  'Delicate Situations', online exhibition
  'Art Now Cornwall?' Goldfish Fine Art, Penzance
  'Unquiet Earth', NSA, St Ives Society of Artists, St Ives
'Tales of the Unexpected', part of 'MORE Cornwall', various locations curator
  'Live Art Falmouth', Alexandra Terrace, University College Falmouth
  'On Artistic Lines', curated by Sam Gathercole, featured artist, AXIS online gallery
  'One in a Million Changes', part of 'MORE Cornwall' Vogue Beloth Chapel, Illogan
  'Lineage', NSA, Newlyn Art Gallery
  'Second Nature pt 1' Truro Cathedral, Truro curator
  'Second Nature pt 2' Vitreous Contemporary Art, Truro curator webprojects curator
  'MOVE', Vyner Street, London
  Second chamber show, Revolver, Penzance
  Video night, Revolver, Penzance
  'Mix-it up', Salt Gallery, Hayle
  'Keepin' it rural!' Quay Gallery, Wadebridge
  Christmas Show, Salt Gallery, Hayle
'Touch paper' Revolver, Penzance
  Goldfish Winter Show, Penzance

2008 Mixed show, FOLD, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria
  PSYCHO/GEOGRAPHY, GreenCube, Newlyn Art Gallery curator
  'Street Life', Belgrave Gallery, St Ives
  'Mixed/No Theme' Goldfish, Penzance
  'The Drawing Show' NSA, The Exchange, Penzance
  Mixed painting show, The Salt Gallery, Hayle
LAF 2008 (Live Art Falmouth), University College, Falmouth
'The Garden Project', (invited artist) Catalyst Arts, Belfast webprojects curator
'Drawing the Line' Hilton Young, Penzance
Summer Show, Goldfish, Penzance
'Out of Bounds', The Exchange, Penzance
'Revolutions', Open Space Galleries, Penryn
Winter Mixed Show, Goldfish, Penzance
Christmas Show, Salt Gallery, Hayle



2009 'The New Landscape', Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro    curator
  '4', Millennium, St Ives webprojects
  'The Cornish Perspective', RWA, Bristol
  'Apocalypse Now', Red Wire, Liverpool
  'Supernature', View Gallery, Bristol online projects
  Supermassive Black Hole #3 (publication)
  Winter Show, Millennium, St Ives
  'A Giant Leap', Camborne


2010 'Happidrome 3', Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall (online)
'House of Fairy Tales', Millennium, St Ives
'NEXUS', Pheonix Gallery, Exeter
'New Living Art' Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin
'Exquisite Trove', House of Fairy Tales, Newlyn Art Gallery
Winter Show, Millennium, St Ives


2011 'Bridging the Gap' Hatchspace, Deptford, London
Queen Convention 2011, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (presentation/talk)
'Frenchman's Creek', Rural Centre for Contemporary Art, Kestle Barton
'Print!' The Exchange, Penzance
Cornish Queen Party, The Driftwood Spars, St Agnes (exhibition/event organiser)


2012 'Site-non-site', Kestle Barton, Helford (curator)
2013 'Limbo', The Old Coffin Store, Truro
'The Dark Rooms', CAST, Helston
2014 'The Playing Fields' (part of Inland Art Festival) Boots' Building, Redruth
2016 'Art Decade' The Bowie Lounge, Old Bakery, Truro
'Inland Art Festival', Redruth
2018 'Hummadruz' Newlyn Gallery, Penzance (curator)
'A Cornish Review' (workshop with RCA as part of Groundwork)








Artists Newsletter, AXIS, POST, Stride Magazine,, PROOF, Art of England, Revolver Art Cornwall, Tales of the Unexpected, The West Briton, Cornwall Today, The Enquiring Eye, Pagan Dawn, Meyn Mamvro, Folklore Frontiers

Queen in Cornwall (book), Folk in Cornwall (book), The Edge of It (book), Monstermind (book), The Giraffe that Swims (book), The Reenchanted Landscape (book) catalogues and medical journals.



  selected press



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