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Towards a Revolutionary Feminist Art













 'Towards a Revolutionary Feminist Art' is a webpage dedicated to the early career of the artist Monica Sjöö.

Although best known for her later work as a 'goddess-feminist', as a young woman Sjöö was involved in the anti-Vietnam, anarchist and Situationist movements.

In the late 60's, for example, she was forcibly expelled from Italy after protesting against the government there. She was also friends with people in controversial groups like Black Mask (USA), King Mob (UK), and Baader Meinhoff (Germany).

Sjöö was born in Sweden but spent most of her life in the UK, and is regarded by many as the UK's first feminist artist. She certainly wrote the first manifesto of feminist art, and was included in the first Womens Lib art exhibition.










 After Sjöö died in 2005 her archive (papers, writings, correspondence etc) was put into storage in St Austell, Cornwall. This is material taken from it, as part of research for a book.