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 The 'Buryan Sacred Circle' (or 'Cornwall at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius')

























The 'Buryan Sacred Circle' is a talk and Powerpoint presentation describing aspects the counter-culture as it manifested in post- 1960's Cornwall.

It includes references to beatniks; psychedelic folk band C.O.B; Earth Mysteries guru John Michell; and witchcraft.

It has a structure that mimics the stone circle (vesica pescis) of Boscawen Un, with its 19 + 1 stones, and is a journey that begins and ends at St Buryan, the location of Sam Peckinpah's film 'Straw Dogs'.








The 'Buryan Sacred Circle' was originally created with Lucy Stein and Ilker Cinarel for 'A Cornish Review' organised by the Royal College of Art at St Buryan Village Hall, as part of Groundwork.

Download 10mb ppt here