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Issue 10 Autumn 2023





A Froome with a View - Joyce Froome

‘A poor wisht mortal’: examination of a dialect term - Rupert White

Moon, Magic and Myth - Frances Billinghurst

Give us good harvest! Ritual vs The Wicker Man - A. Nother Peller

Patricia Kopinski and Alex Sanders: a brief love affair? - Melissa Seims and William Wallworth

A Grimoire of Scrying - Sandra Huber

Hexhibition - Christine Sefolosha & Cathy Ward

Lifting Manannan’s Cloak: Witches, Fairies, and Gerald Gardner on the Isle of Man (pt.2) - John Callow

The Good Shepherd in Norfolk - Alice Kerridge-Crick

Legba - Louise Fenton and Adam Kissira

Modern Survivals of Old Beliefs - L.J. Dickinson (1917)



Dan Harms on magic, magical manuscripts and witch bottles - Rupert White


Issue 9 Spring 2023





Wood lore: from Kingley Vale to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic - Helen Cornish

The Slúagh Sidhe of Samhain: Rediscovering pagan soul flight - Ben H. Gagnon

“By Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”: Christian Elements in the Making and Manipulation of Curse Dolls - Martin Duffy

Home Rites - Cathy Ward

My love affair with the Burney Relief - Daniel Bran Griffith

Lifting Manannan’s Cloak: Witches, Fairies, and Gerald Gardner on the Isle of Man Pt1- Dr John Callow

Angelic Discipline: A Foucauldian exploration of Restriction in the Abramelin - Alejandra Villegas

Whispers and Images from Dumblecott - Melissa Seims

Cornwall’s Midsummer Bonfires - Rupert White

Monica Sjöö: Mother-in-Love - Annie Johnston

St Osyth Witchcraft and Cunning - Alex Langstone

Pilgrimage along the Mary Line: Re-enactment - Sarah Hartnett and Lucy Stein

Two Devonshire Curses - R. Dymond (1876)



Ceri Houlbrook on coin-trees, love-locks and witch-bottles


Issue 8 Autumn 2022





Travels of a Folk Saint: A Transnational History of Santa Muerte - Nicole Spitzer

Breaking Boundaries: Choosing to meet the World Soul - Ian Chambers

The Magick and Mystery of Maurice/Margaret Bruce - Melissa Seims

Wearing my last skin: Leonora Carrington’s ‘My Mother is a Cow’ - K.A. Laity 

The Britton herb collection at the MoWM - Rupert White

Go tell it to the Bees - Christine Iverson

North Sea Water in my veins - Imelda Almqvist

What colour is three o’clock? Ithell Colquhoun and synaesthesia - Richard Shillitoe

Petrosomatoglyphs - Alex Langstone

Monica Sjöö: Spirit Mother, Earth Weaver - Una Hamilton Helle

Zombies in the Golden Age of Hollywood - Dr Louise Fenton




Prof. Owen Davies on Cunning Folk, Grimoires and Folklore today



Issue 7 Spring 2022





Rocky Valley Labyrinths: an invitation to cross the threshold - Helen Cornish

Literary Witches of the Twenties: Sylvia Townsend Warner, Lolly Willowes and the Loving Huntsman -
Dr. Rebecca Beattie

A For Sale Notice: Thigh Bone Trumpet - Ben Fernlee

An Gwyr Erybyn an Bys: Chairs, Rounds and Circles in Bardic Cornwall (continued) - Alan M. Kent

Bessie Brooks’ Divination Mat - Ash William Mills

How Cornish was the witchcraft of the Cornish Witchfinder, William Paynter? - Rupert White

Taking the Cunning Across the Pond - Elwynn of The Antlered Crown

The Coven of Atho, Doreen Valiente and Alex Sanders - Melissa Seims

The Hound of Abnoba - Ryan McClain

The Evolution of Haitian Vodou - Dr Louise Fenton

Wartime Charms - Kirstie Ryder

Footsteps of Former Men: Holacombe - Revd. Robert Hawker (1870)




Steve Patterson on Gwithti an Pystri & The Museum of Folklore and Magic


Issue 6 Autumn 2021



The Saltmarsh Devil of Old Essex - Alex Langstone

A Manx Legacy - Melissa Seims

The Mystic, the Hare-Cursed Witch and the Cunning Man: Mary Webb’s Contribution to Esoteric Literature - Dr Rebecca Beattie

Spirit of the Hedgerow - Sarah Hartnett & Lucy Stein

Cornish Charms: origins and originality - Rupert White

Witchcraft on Vinyl - Melanie Xulu

An Gwyr Erybyn an Bys: Chairs, Rounds and Circles in Bardic Cornwall - Alan M. Kent

 “But ghosts and witches still walk …”James Wentworth Day – collector of folkloric tales from the East Anglian landscape - Steve Patterson

Liber Spirituum (and a magical memoir) - Paul Huson





Gemma Gary on Cecil Williamson, Bucca & Morvoren




Issue 5 Spring 2021



Wisdom from the Wilderness: Using the Fae to Re-enchant the Landscape in a Time of Crisis - Francesca Bihet

The Herb and the Lady under the Elder at Noon: Analysis of an Early Modern Magical Ritual - Dan Harms

Action Stations: the film career of Cecil Williamson - Rupert White

Horse Brasses: their use in Divination and Spellwork - Kate Collison

Gerald Gardner’s four books of Wicca - Steve Patterson

Relics of the People: Ossuary Remains in Post-Medieval European Folk Practice - Tom Farrow

A Curious Discourse - Melissa Seims

All Hallows and Allantide: A glimpse into the customs and folklore of a Cornish Halloween - Alex Langstone

Black Mass at Clophill? - Kevin Gates

Occult and New Age Spirituality Bookshops as Sites for the Production and Exchange of Rejected Knowledge in the UK, c. 1893 - c. 1993 - Dr. Shai Feraro

Covid-19 Diary - away from Pilgrimage - Lucy Stein & Sarah Hartnett



Philip Heselton on Earth Mysteries, Gerald Gardner and the New Forest Coven


Issue 4  Autumn 2020





The Sasabonsam of the Asante - Marti Dean

Goddess in Cornwall 2000-2020 - Cheryl Straffon

Pilgrimage along the lesser travelled Mary Line pt2: Lostwithiel to Glastonbury - Sarah Hartnett & Lucy Stein

The Easthorpe Witches, Essex Folk-Magic and the Sheela-na-gig - Alex Langstone

Disorientated in time, place and person: Ithell Colquhoun’s unpublished occult novel Destination Limbo - Richard Shillitoe

The Three Hares Project - Dr Tom Greeves

A Little Frog: Transference of disease in The Wicker Man - Rupert White

Pious Pixie: The Life of Pamela Colman Smith - Dawn G Robinson

A curious tale of Odin and his horses in a Devon Churchyard -Tony Whitehead

‘Nerdcraft’: Witchcraft, Witch-Hunts, and the Occult in Dungeons and DragonsTM - Julia Hall

Cursed and haunted dolls at Greyfriars Kirkyard – Dr Louise Fenton

Untitled (photo-feature) - Gemma Gary & Jane Cox



Ronald Hutton on Cecil Williamson and rewriting Wicca



Issue 3  Spring 2020



Ithell Colquhoun’s Magic of the Living Earth - Amy Hale

Celtic origins of gnomes in the Netherlands - Wilmar Taal

Snowshill - The Unfinished Tarot Clock - Mark Hewitt

A Ghost Laying in Welford, West Berkshire - Ian Miller

Anger’s Letter - Rupert White

Hauntology, the Numinous, the uncanny and the labyrinth of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic - Steve Patterson

Horsewitchery: a brief sojourn into the magical connection of man and horse - Iain Marshall

Pilgrimage along the lesser travelled Mary Line: Carn Les Boel to Crowan - Lucy Stein & Sarah Hartnett

The Witches’ Tarot - Simon Wood

The Devonshire Devils: The Necromantic Experiments of Humphrey Gilbert and John Davis - Phil Legard

A Tale of Two Poppets - Louise Fenton



Jo Carson on Ferafaria and the film ‘A Dance for the Goddess’




Issue 2    Autumn 2018



'A Froome with a View' - Joyce Froome


The Cunning-Folk’s Chrismon? Reginald Scot’s Eight-Armed Seals - Phil Legard

The Viking Völva or Wise Woman - Cecilia Orning

Some notes on witchcraft from Mrs. Batson’s Welford Scrapbooks - Ian Miller

‘Peller’ and related terms: an analysis of two-hundred years of newspaper articles - Rupert White

The Cunning Folk of Sussex - Martin Duffy

The Witch Sticks of Finchingfield - Alex Langstone

Very Superstitious: The William James Clarke Charm Collection - Jennifer Dunne

Remembering Eric Maple - Iain Marshall

The Influence of J.H.W. Eldermans on Bob Richel - Wilmar Taal

Shades of the Craft in Bram Stoker’s Dracula - Walter C. Cambra

Where did all the Magic go? A sideways look at the impact, or otherwise, of the Norman Conquest on magic in Britain - M E Beardsley

The Alexandrian Witchcraft Online Archive and Timeline - Sharon Day

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn: What a Victorian Magician needed to know to become an Adept - Elaine Bailey

A Closer Look at Object Number 2741, a Talisman or Amulet of Mars - Alexander Cummins

Objects Created by ‘a Student while under Instruction by Aleister Crowley’ aka the Steffi Grant Collection - Judith Hewitt



Issue 1    Autumn 2017   (Edited by Peter Hewitt)




‘A Froome with a View’ - Joyce Froome

The Spider Web


Steve Patterson - The Mystery of the ‘Witchcraft Research Centre’

Rupert White - This Charming Man: F.T. Nettleinghame and his Piskey-empire

Graham E. Hill - A Neolithic stone idol found in Cornwall

The Chattering Magpie, Summoner of the Hearth of the Turning Wheel - Banishing, Binding and Cursing

Melanie Xulu - The Mass Hexing of Donald Trump: A Brief History …

Object of Interest - Hillary Clinton Doll

Alan Jones - Reclaiming the Magician

Samantha Southern - ‘A Letter to Nathaniel Higginson’

Joshua Rushton - Reading Love Magic in Sixteenth-Century Italy: The Cases of Lucrezia the Greek and Andriana Savorgnan

Rebekah Elvidge - A Journey into Paganism

Peter Hewitt - Collecting and fashioning magical objects with Cecil Williamson


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